Alibaba Cloud: Malaysia is a key investment market

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Kenny Tan
Kenny Tan, Malaysia & Thailand Country Manager at Alibaba Cloud

The 2018 Olympic Winter Games will conclude this Sunday, and for both my colleagues as well as myself within our beloved Alibaba Group, it represents a historic achievement of enormous proportions. The Olympic Games themselves represent the coming together of countries from across the five continents one in the spirit of sports. This sentiment is felt very much by us here in Malaysia as well as throughout the four corners of the world.

What’s even more special for us within the Alibaba Group is that we are the Official Cloud and e-commerce Partner of the International Olympic Committee. To me, this is a stellar milestone, showing Alibaba Cloud Services serving as the foundation of the digital transformation of the Games. Through our technology, we help create a more efficient and enjoyable experience for all audiences of all sizes. In the words of our Founder and Executive Chairman Jack Ma: “Like the Olympic Games, Alibaba believes in creating a level playing field, giving everyone the chance to compete on the global stage.”

Here in Malaysia, it is this very mission which excites us as we wake up in the morning and go to work every single day.

As a local company registered here, we are also in an ideal position and empowered to catalyse digital transformation spanning both the public and private sectors, aiming for the enrichment of the lives of the rakyat and local businesses.

For a start, Alibaba Cloud is now amongst the “Top Three” cloud platforms in the world, alongside AWS and Microsoft (Source: Gartner) . With such empowerment comes great responsibility and this is true for us here in Malaysia as well.

Late last year, our prime minister mentioned that the government would be introducing a “Cloud First” strategy to the national agenda. Being in this industry itself, we have great confidence that this will serve to catalyse the digital economy even further. This ties in to another item on the national agenda, which is digital transformation.

Najib-Jack Ma

Alibaba Cloud Malaysia, as a provider of cloud infrastructure and services, is on the front line of this manifesto. Through faster delivery of information technology services, digital services in the country can now offer businesses the capabilities once only to be had by massive corporations.

We allow them to work in or with technologies to offer new and better services, such as data sharing and online transactions, in which resources are retrieved from the Internet through web-based tools and applications. The cost, only a fraction of what it used to be. The limit, nearly inexistent, thanks to the scalability of Cloud services.

I will also dive in deeper into these two subjects in future posts, together with my thoughts of relevant topics such as Industry 4.0, Data Sovereignty (Yes, Alibaba Cloud launched the data center in Malaysia!), New Retail, Evolution of Aviation, as well as our efforts to build the Alibaba Cloud channel ecosystem.

With a strong local presence in Malaysia, Alibaba Cloud has tied itself to the future of the country. The purpose is not only to offer cutting-edge Cloud technologies, but to also extend these capabilities to various industry verticals, including those who face regulatory obstacles in areas such as data storage.

Late last year, we announced the first Electronic World Trade Platform, or eWTP hub outside of China, which offers Malaysian SMEs the infrastructure for doing commerce with services encompassing e-commerce, logistics, cloud computing, mobile payment and talent training and which also forms part of the Digital Free Trade Zone (DFTZ).

Strong and fast start to 2018!

For 2018, we have gotten off to a very strong and fast start, and aim to continually better ourselves in the months and years ahead. As mentioned in my previous posts on the Malaysia City Brain, this was a collaborative effort with MDEC and with City Hall (DBKL) to make Kuala Lumpur the first city outside of China to implement our ET City Brain solution.

PM tweetIn the words of our President Simon Hu: “Cloud computing, data technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have become fundamental tools for all companies and organisations to operate effectively. Building on this partnership, we are happy to see Malaysia become the first country outside of China to adopt the City Brain. Through the program, we aim to empower all Malaysian stakeholders in both the public and private sectors, with the tools to enhance efficiency, advance in innovation and to succeed in the digital age.

“Malaysia remains as one of our key investment market. We are happy to be part of the nation’s AI ecosystem growth. This collaboration signifies our confidence in the country’s vision for the National AI Framework and it solidifies our longstanding partnership with Malaysia.”

Strategy is execution, and we at Alibaba Cloud Malaysia will give our all to ensure City Brain is a success for Malaysia and her rakyat.

Kenny Tan is Malaysia & Thailand Country Manager at Alibaba Cloud