Bank Islam appoints Khairul Kamarudin CEO

Khairul Kamarudin

Bank Islam Malaysia announced the appointment of Encik Khairul Kamarudin as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Prior to his appointment, which takes effect today, Encik Khairul was the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Bank Islam.

Encik Khairul’s experience in the Malaysian corporate scene spans more than 21 years, including tenures at PricewaterhouseCoopers (Malaysia) and Pengurusan Danaharta Nasional Berhad, and was involved in various practices  and operations such as audit, business assurance, asset management and recovery.

He joined Bank Islam in 2005 and played a vital role in leading the asset recovery for Bank Islam during the turnaround and transformation years. He was instrumental in transforming the retail business of the Bank by introducing an aggressive sales approach, well balanced with a risk-based performance culture.

He was promoted to Deputy Chief Executive Officer in 2016, and was responsible for driving the overall profitability and growth of  all the  business divisions comprising Consumer, Commercial, Corporate, Treasury, Deposit and Capital Market. In addition, Encik Khairul plays a pivotal role in the overall performance of Operations, Technology, Brand and Marketing Communications and Strategic Client Relationship.

Among the notable achievements under his leadership were the enhancement of the Bank’s overall business strategies; the introduction of award winning products and services, including Asia Pacific’s First Shariah-Compliant Business Credit Card, Co-Branded Visa Debit-i with Malaysia’s football associations and universities; Bank Islam Visa Cash Out Service; Transact-At-Palm (“TAP”); e-Donation and the financing of Waqf land.

Encik Khairul is presently the Chairman for two subsidiaries of Bank Islam namely  BIMB Investment Management Bhd and Farihan Corporation.

He is a practising member of the Association of Chartered Islamic Finance Professional and holds a Bachelor of Laws (Hons.) from Anglia University, UK.