Big Open Wrangle challenges participants in data innovation


Vibrant use of open data is viewed as one of the ways for nations to become truly data-driven and take advantage of the global digital economy. By making government data open and accessible to all, the hope is that everyday citizens will use their creativity, skills and imagination to harness this data for the greater good.

By promoting the subscriber base, The Big Open Wrangle (BOW) campaign, an online open data innovation competition, is promoting this idea to the people who can really make a difference among Malaysians.

Supporting this initiative are NetApp Malaysia, Cloudera and TechData. All of whom are providing expertise and resource to help Big Open Wranglers execute on their ideas to better harness the open data we have.

“Our intention is to promote the open data portal to citizen. We want to get them involved, either to use the open data that’s available in their own apps and projects or to get their ideas about how we can make the open data we have available even better,” said YBrs. Dr.Suhazimah Binti Dzazali, Deputy Director General (ICT) of MAMPU.

Ms. Melina Hwang, General Manager at AOPG, publisher of the Big Community Portal, told us, “So far we have over 120 people that have signed up to be big open wranglers. We are already seeing the results and very soon, we will be sharing some of the work they have been doing to demonstrate just how open data can be used for the nation’s betterment.”

YBrs. Dr. Suhazimah continued, “Globally, we have seen open data used to give remote communities better and cheaper access to medicine and healthcare, improve traffic congestion and also help with public security. Our aim is to harness the creativity of our own local data experts and challenge them to use the open data we have available today in new and innovative ways.”

To encourage this, Cloudera and Tech Data are helping AOPG to run a workshop on open data and solving traffic gridlock and NetApp will be helping us run a workshop on using open data to make cities smarter. We plan to use the results of those workshops to get our volunteer big open wranglers working on real-world projects that will actually contribute to the national betterment in those areas.

MAMPU dan AOPG welcomed all members of the community to participate in the competition. Sign up for the Big Open Wrangle