Hitachi Transport System establishes new Cold Warehouse in Nilai


Hitachi Transport System (HTS) has recently announced that its Malaysian subsidiary Hitachi Transport System (TSM) is poised to establish a new cold warehouse in Nilai Industrial Area, Malaysia. The new facility will commence its operation in November, 2018. Nilai Industrial Area is a well-known global business location for many multinational companies headquartered in Japan. It is easily accessible via the North South Expressway and close to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA).

TSM opens this warehouse as the temperature controlled distribution center (frozen and chilled) to respond to the customer’s ever-changing needs and their business expansions in cold chain distribution. This facility provides a security management system, dock shelters, and a private power generator. Furthermore, TSM will create additional values to customers by introducing their Smart Logistics Technology into the logistics service.

TSM Smart Logistics is a comprehensive logistics management system that helps optimize facilities control. This includes multiple key areas, such as automated guided vehicles, smart glove and glove scanner, work analysis support tool and smart logistic configurator.

Outline of the Warehouse


HTS warehouse