INSTEP Collects Textiles For Recycling

INSTEP Collects 40 tonnes of Textiles from the public for recycling to reduce waste.

Institut Teknologi Petroleum PETRONAS (INSTEP) has collected 40 tonnes of unused and unwanted textile items from the public as part of the “Recycle Your Clothes” programme under its 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) campaign to reduce waste.

Supported by Kuala Terengganu City Council, Kuala Nerus District and Land Office as well as People’s Volunteer Corps (RELA), the collection was held across public areas here and in Gong Badak. It received an overwhelming response from the public, with the targeted amount reached within a week instead of five weeks.

Commenting on the programme, INSTEP Chief Executive Officer Idris Ibrahim said, “Every effort counts whether big or small. At INSTEP, we continuously do our part to promote awareness among staff and local community on the importance of sustainable environment as well as to help prevent landfills overflow and issues related to global warming. This also resonates with PETRONAS’ overall sustainability agenda, which includes reducing environmental impact through innovative solutions towards a more sustainable future.”

The collected items, including clothes, bags, belts, curtains, and blankets, are sent to a textile recycling company to be repurposed. Wearable garments are either sold at second-hand stores or exported to developing countries where there is a high demand for affordable clothing. Meanwhile, the unwearable items are converted into industrial wiping cloths or processed into refuse-derived fuel (RDF) for the kiln industry.

The eventual profit made from the sale and exportation of the repurposed items will be donated to the National Cancer Council Malaysia (MAKNA).

The “Recycle Your Clothes” programme is amongst INSTEP’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions in line with PETRONAS’ net zero carbon emissions aspiration by 2050. Besides its food composter house and solar rooftops across the campus, INSTEP is committed to producing a highly skilled future global workforce with new course offerings in renewable energy and solar training systems and modules.