Malaysia’s Shariah Registered Financial Planner Programme Expands Globally

Malaysian Financial Planning Council (MFPC) programme, the Shariah Registered Financial Planner goes global.

Malaysian Financial Planning Council (MFPC) held a signing ceremony with Salaam Center, a leading provider in training, research and consultancy based in Djibouti, East Africa. This agreement is in respect of MFPC using its existing Shariah RFP content, albeit with the inclusion of local relevant content for individuals in East Africa.

On our part, MFPC is indeed very pleased and delighted that the Malaysian based modules have been accepted in the international market subsequent to an objective and thorough assessment being carried out by Salaam Centre. MFPC’s programme is also being considered by the South-East Asia countries and the MENA market. MFPC is optimistic that this initiative will produce significant results and achieve success.

MFPC programme, the Shariah Registered Financial Planner, has consistently won the Global Islamic Finance Awards (GIFA) for seven years in a row in different categories with the latest instalment of the award in 2022 recognising the Shariah RFP as the Best Islamic Finance Qualifications.

The award was awarded based on MFPC’s Shariah Registered Financial Planning (RFP) programme. The syllabus of the Shariah RFP programme has been developed by a team of Shariah experts. The Shariah RFP programme is a dynamic and evolving one. The Council review, revise and update the syllabus regularly to ensure it remains relevant and reflects current industry needs and regulatory changes and requirements.

The Shariah RFP and RFP designations are approved by Bank Negara Malaysia as a professional qualification for the application of the Financial Adviser License and Financial Adviser Representative License, and by the Securities Commissions Malaysia for the application of the Capital Market Services License.

We are pleased that the Capital Market Development Fund (CMDF) has found it worthy to provide funding for the further development of a state-of-the-art e-learning platform that will enable Malaysians for all parts of the Country to benefit as well as the wider global audience. The modules of Shariah RFP include the Fundamentals of Shariah Financial Planning, Takaful and Zakat Planning, Shariah Investment Planning, Shariah Estate Planning, Shariah Retirement Planning and the Application in Shariah Financial Planning.

Vincent Kwo, President of Malaysian Financial Planning Council (MFPC) hoped that through MFPC’s GIFA awards and today’s first international collaboration will lead to further international collaborations for the Council. Through this agreement, MFPC is one step forward in bringing the value of financial planning and the importance of financial planners to the world as financial management becomes more pertinent for individuals to attain financial well-being.

MFPC is optimistic that Salaam Center will expand the knowledge of financial intermediaries through the Shariah RFP to new individuals in Africa.