Managing risk, detecting fraud and ensuring compliance with SAP Concur

Madanjit Singh
Madanjit: “Customers are empowered to audit every expense report in near real time with AI.”

SAP Concur is renowned for being an end-to-end travel and expense (T&E) solution embraced by enterprises throughout the world. It counts established names such as Mitsui, Grab and AirAsia amongst its growing list of distinguished customers which, today, is believed to total more than 48,000 in over 150 countries.

According to research firm IDC, it provides the most sophisticated travel booking application amongst various T&E vendors. The SAP Concur App Centre, meanwhile, is the most extensive app store devoted to T&E applications, IDC further said in a study entitled: “IDC MarketScape: Worldwide SaaS and Cloud-Enabled Travel and Expense Management (T&E) Applications 2018 Vendor Assessment”.

“SAP Concur’s T&E applications heavily automate the expense report creation and approval process, with the goal of reducing and eventually eliminating the number of clicks required. SAP Concur is accessible on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices through native applications,” it added.

“Consider SAP Concur if you are a midmarket or large enterprise business looking for fully integrated travel and expense applications for deployment across the globe and you use other SAP HANA cloud applications,” the report further said.

So, what it is about SAP Concur that makes it so successful?

According to SAP Concur managing director (Southeast Asia) Madanjit Singh, SAP Concur is “the safest and shortest distance between business transitioning to the cloud.”

“The SAP Concur cloud-based solution is designed to meet the needs of any global business and offers a sophisticated – yet simple – way to manage expense, travel, and invoice that scales with any-sized business,” he said at an event held in Kuala Lumpur.

“Our cloud is built using modern architectural patterns designed to provide security, reliability, and scale,” he further said, adding that it is about taking businesses beyond automation to a completely connected T&E management solution that grows with them.

Another of SAP Concur’s strengths, said Madanjit, was its commitment to sharing its expertise in terms of its implementation methodology, as well as what it calls ‘customer success’, or ongoing business support.

“The customer experience, essentially, comprises two parts: The buyer’s journey followed by the customer journey which consists of, amongst others, adoption and optimisation.”

“Innovation and expertise equates to value,” he said, adding that having the necessary implementation methodology is integral to any desired solution.

What’s more, customers can also look to their SAP Concur solution to better manage risk, detect fraud and ensure compliance.

This is achieved through Concur Detect by AppZen, an artificial intelligence (AI) solution for back office automation, which has integrated its expense report audit tool with Concur. Available in the Concur App Centre, customers can now directly access to the platform solution.

The AI technology automatically reads each line item on every receipt – and in real time – cross-checks information against thousands of external and social sources to determine the accuracy of expenses.

“That’s an additional benefit of embracing SAP Concur: Customers are empowered to audit every expense report in near real time with AI,” said Madanjit.