MFPC Is The Winner Of GIFA Championship 2021

MFPC is the Winner Of GIFA Championship Award 2021, amid Covid-19.

The Malaysian Financial Planning Council (MFPC) is announced the winner of GIFA Championship Award (Islamic Finance Qualifications) 2021 today. The award was given by the Global Islamic Finance Awards (GIFA) which recognized a higher recognition than the individual award in the same category and it covers the premium qualifications of MFPC and other industry building initiatives which MFPC is doing through these qualifications.

The award was given based on MFPC’s Shariah Registered Financial Planning (RFP) programme and its syllabus that has been developed by a team of Shariah experts. The Shariah RFP programme is a dynamic and evolving one because the Council review, revise and update the syllabus regularly to ensure it remains relevant and reflects current industry needs and regulatory changes and requirements. The feedback MFPC have been consistently receiving reveals that the programme continues to be highly regarded by the industry and the regulatory authorities as effectively developing qualified and professional Shariah financial planners.

Vincent Kwo, President of Malaysian Financial Planning Council (MFPC) highlighted that, “Even though we have been conducting virtual classes since June 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic but during the early phase of e-learning, not many were aware of our digital learning initiatives. However, with increased awareness, our enrolment numbers have increased with students from all over the country. In fact, our e-learning platform has seen MFPC securing many corporate deals and collaborations to conduct the programme.” This is truly a huge step-up from MFPC in order to make sure there is a continuity to provide professional financial education to Malaysians amid the pandemic. MFPC also aim to achieve greater benefit the regional countries with our structured programmes on wealth management especially on Shariah RFP to neighbouring countries.

The digitization of the learning materials has truly sped up the introduction of the e-learning platform with an application available for android phones and an e-learning solution with 43 different functionalities for launch in May 2020. MFPC now conduct online classes via the MFPC e-learning platform for our RFP and Shariah RFP programmes, modular classes in Investment Planning, Estate Planning, Capstones classes, Financial Train-the-Trainers programme and many Continuous Professional Development programmes. This e-learning platform has also enabled MFPC to conduct Continuous Professional Education programmes approved by Securities Commission Malaysia and self-paced learning programmes. The intent of developing this platform is in-line with what GIFA has stood up all these years which is to contribute to the growth of the global Islamic finance community with an ultimate objective of promoting social responsibility, adherence to Shariah authenticity and commitment to Islamic finance. MFPC has taken a huge leap in the global Islamic finance community with an ultimate objective of promoting professional education while being Shariah-compliant. These are on top of the selection criteria of innovation, breadth and depth of products and services, internationalisation of products and services, and promotion of growth of the industry set up by the GIFA.

Founded in 2004 at the initiative of Bank Negara Malaysia (Central Bank of Malaysia) to promote the nationwide development and enhancement of the financial planning profession and raise the financial literacy of Malaysians. All our Registered Financial Planner (RFP) and Shariah RFP designees must adhere to our evolving set of Best Practice Standards and Code of Ethics, the aim of which is to ensure that the public will be served with the highest quality of financial planning services and professionalism.