MisterTyre Announces Market Expansion and Increased Product Portfolio


MisterTyre, said to be the world’s only on-demand smartphone app for comprehensive mobile car care, recently announced a slew of initiatives to drive market expansion while increasing its product portfolio. Specifically, the announcement touched on the following:

Market Expansion – Its service area will include Johor Baharu as of 17 December and KLIA-Seremban-Port Dickson area on 14 January 2019. Fleet managers and individual car owners in these markets will now be able to enjoy MisterTyre’s incredible convenience and top-rated mobile service from the comfort of their home or office.

Affiliate Partnerships – With over twelve months of mobile service operations, MisterTyre has now transitioned to an automotive aftermarket SAAS (“software-as-a-service”) operating model. By joining with experienced “on-the-ground” regional partners, MisterTyre provides the technology, mobile service platform and operating SOPs for these partners to deliver an unparalleled customer service experience and to stay at the forefront of the changing mobility services landscape. HT Group has been selected as MisterTyre’s Affiliate Partner in Johor Baharu and R&Z Engineering in the KLIA-Seremban-Port Dickson area.

Increasing Service Portfolio –MisterTyre would be providing its commercial fleet customers with: (i) brake pad replacement service; and, (ii) a pre-inspection service to ensure fleet vehicles are in excellent condition for the bi-annual mandated government inspection. Combined, these two services further reduce fleet operators’ dependency on inflexible and costly “bricks & mortar” locations. Effective 17 December, the brake pad replacement service will be available to the B2C market and, concurrently, engine oil and fuel additives will be available for purchase as add-on check-out items. Based on commercial fleet feedback, MisterTyre will also launch on-demand waterless car wash and vacuum in December. Waterless car wash is environmentally friendly, saving approximately 25 gallons of water per wash, and allows car-sharing and fleet operators to maintain a high-quality customer experience whilst eliminating vehicle down-time. These upcoming services further increase the repeatability of the MisterTyre app for consumers.

Commented Mr Dennis Melka, MisterTyre’s President & Founder:

“The MisterTyre technology solution has been under development for over two years with an international team of world-class programmers and coders based in Kuala Lumpur. With zero marketing spend, our business in Klang Valley has enjoyed rapid organic growth and a B2C monthly repeat ratio in excess of 35% indicating consumers’ strong desire to save time and money with mobile service via an easy-to-use mobile app.  The rapidly changing car-sharing and global mobility landscape clearly necessitates similar changes in automotive aftermarket service, an industry virtually unchanged since the introduction of the car. MisterTyre is at the forefront of this change and servicing pent-up demand for convenient mobile service. Our rapidly expanding service portfolio and proprietary, in-house technology solution further strengthens our technology leadership and creation of a new consumer experience. We also thank the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) for their support and assistance to facilitate our mobile app technology investment in Malaysia. We expect to be operating internationally in the coming months. We are excited to partner with HT Group and R&Z in these new coverage areas in Malaysia. Their local market know-how and strong operational skill-set makes them ideal partners.”

Mr. Tay Hsing Yang, General Manager – HT Group commented:

“Consumers’ purchasing behaviour can be quite different when it comes to tyre and car maintenance compared to other consumer products; it is a combination of reputable product and service from a trusted provider. After all, you want to know that your car is at optimal performance and safe on the roads. We also see a trend of growing e-commerce purchases over the years. With this partnership, we are able to offer consumers and fleet owners peace of mind when it comes to maintaining their vehicles. The mobile app solution offers transparent pricing on products and services, whilst the mobile service saves the consumer precious time better spent with family and friends. Fleet owners can also schedule their vehicles for maintenance during non-operating hours, thereby maximising the fleet usage and reducing capex. Today’s partnership with MisterTyre brings great value to all Malaysian drivers.”

Encik Abdul Rahim, Managing Director – R&Z Waja Engineering commented:

“We are extremely excited to be a part of automotive car care digitalization and bringing convenience plus quality service to car owners in Seremban / Port Dickson. This is very much in line with our vision to embrace new business models in solving consumers’ pain points.”

MrTyre 02

Mr Gopi Ganesalingam (pic) – Vice President of Enterprise Development at MDEC also commented:

“MisterTyre addresses important ‘safety on the road’ issues, particularly for women, with a business model that offers great regional and global potential for rapid expansion. What is particularly pleasing is that even though the business was just recently established – in 2017 –  its exponential growth offers yet another testament to the significant power of Malaysian entrepreneurship. Nurturing the nation’s entrepreneurs and SME sector remains a vital aspect in MDEC championing the digital economy.”

MisterTyre’s business model uniquely combines: (i) a proprietary, on-demand app interface simplifying the tyre, emergency assist, oil change and battery purchase process; (ii) multiple service lines typically only provided individually in brick and mortar outlets spanning tyre shops, hypermarkets, gas stations, dealer centres and lubricant centres; (iii) revolutionary van outfit design which is able to deliver for the first time ever, directly to the consumer, the most important aftermarket car services; (iv) data capture and predictive analytics; and (v) ancillary income model focused on high margin car consumables and lubricants typically sold in gas stations and specialty auto parts stores.

All of these unique operating advantages are combined with the incredible convenience of home or office delivery with service windows from 8 am to 11 pm.