Signing of MOU Between the Malaysian Urban Design Association (PEREKABANDAR) and the Indonesian Institute of Urban Designers (IARKI).

On this historic day, a memorandum of understanding between the Malaysian Urban Design Association (PEREKABANDAR) and the Indonesian Institute of Urban Designers (IARKI) will be signed at 6 pm at the Bizpod, Level 2, Block E, Taylors University Lakeside Campus. The memorandum focusses on the aspirations of both parties in fostering a close collaboration as strategic partners in this region and at international level based on two thrusts. The first is developing programs that dwell upon providing training and skills development such as symposiums, workshops, Master Class Series and forums/discourse. The second is to create greater awareness of urban design by organizing competitions, research, study trips etc that will benefit both parties.

IARKI is the professional body and representative of the urban design profession in Indonesia through certification, education and dissemination of knowledge in Urban Design. It also provides training and development program for its members as well as training programs that can attract the general public in engaging with educational programs relating to Urban Design. The approach by IARKI in urban design practice is reflected through its collaboration with other professional bodies like the architects, landscape architects and other stake holders as well as the communities that are involved with the development of the urban areas at the local and national levels.

The Malaysian Urban Design Association (PEREKABANDAR) has a slightly more challenging mission as urban design is not given enough emphasis in the planning and development of the urban areas in the country. PEREKABANDAR becomes the champion to create public awareness of the importance of Urban Design in Malaysia in creating sustainable development. The main focus is awareness campaign and improving the understanding of the best urban design practice in the local context, achievable through its knowledge dissemination platforms such as Urban Talks, forums, webinars, website and blogs. PEREKABANDAR also offers advice and expert points of views on current issues related to Urban Design to the general public through the press, radio, television and social media. PEREKABANDAR is ready to engage in a formal advisory role to government agencies and local authorities to improve the delivery of the development plans, national policy formulation and projects of public interest in enhancing the character and identity of the urban areas in Malaysia.

The MOU between the two parties having a common vision is expected to be the catalyst in improving the quality of the design of the urban areas with identity in the Nusantara region, an eye opener for both local and international audience towards the importance of Urban Design that is responsive to the local features, local climate and local people, whilst meeting the needs of the users and developing sense of pride for the people in the two countries.

This Memorandum is effective on the date of signing on 29th July 2022 and will be enforced for five years.