NetAssist prioritises endpoint detection and response with F-Secure

Hon Fun Ping

Cybersecurity company NetAssist (M) Sdn Bhd is prioritising its corporate cybersecurity business due to growing demand in this market segment.

Its chief executive officer Hon Fun Ping said that demand is increasing due to local companies becoming more proactive about cyberattacks and have sought out NetAssist for its advanced endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions.

“EDR is a rapidly growing area of cyber security, augmenting standard endpoint products and providing better protection against sophisticated attacks,” said Hon.

“What NetAssist is good at is our ability to deliver industry-leading security services that provide our clients with improved visibility, enhanced detection capabilities and quicker incident response,” he added.

“Our unique managed service approach is much sought after due to an increasing shortage of proficient cybersecurity talent and resources,” Hon further said.

NetAssist is also partnering with world renowned cybersecurity company, F-Secure Corporation, to provide end-to-end cybersecurity protection services for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) throughout the country.

Yong Meng Hong

F-Secure Southeast Asia regional manager Yong Meng Hong, meanwhile, said that its partnership with NetAssist has resulted in forward-thinking cybersecurity strategies for clients throughout the Malaysia.

“Our partnership withinclude deploying lightweight intrusion detection sensors for endpoints, networks and decoy servers that are deployed across the client’s IT infrastructure. The sensors monitor activities initiated by the attackers, and stream all information to our cloud in real-time,” said Yong.

“Meanwhile, our cloud-based service hunts for anomalies in the data by using a combination of advanced technologies, such as real-time behavioral analytics, big data analytics and reputational analytics. Anomalies are hunted from two perspectives: known and unknown malicious behavior,” he added.

“The use of different types of analytics ensures that attackers are not able to remain undetected, even when using evasion tactics designed to fool specific detection methods.”

Yong further said that anomalies are then flagged to the company’s threat hunters in its Rapid Detection & Response Center which is operational round-the-clock.

“Once our threat hunters have confirmed that an anomaly is an actual threat, we will then alert clients and guide them through the necessary steps to contain and remediate the threat. We also provide detailed information about the attack,” Yong further said.

“As a global corporation, F-Secure strongly believes that partnerships with local experts such as NetAssist are vital in helping connect the dots along the cybersecurity supply chain,” concluded Yong.