Shopee Aims to Restore Economy Under Penjana


30,000 new to e-commerce micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) will receive over RM1,500 in seller benefits each, as part of Shopee’s commitment in the PENJANA Micro and SMEs E-commerce Campaign that was recently launched by Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC). The initiative, part of the ‘Propel Businesses’ component of the PE NJANA short-term economic recovery plan, is expected to revitalize the economy by accelerating the digitalization of local businesses and providing new to e-commerce sellers a boost.

Earlier in the year, in April and May, Shopee on its own volition injected RM15 million into the Malaysian economy via the Shopee Seller Support Package to help both new and existing sellers cushion the impact of Covid-19, as the outbreak resulted in the loss of income especially during the movement control period. Participating in the PENJANA Micro and SMEs E-commerce Campaign makes it the second support package that Shopee will be funding for Malaysian businesses, and this time with even better perks.

Through this campaign, new MSMEs on Shopee are entitled to the following benefits:

  1. RM1,000 in vouchers for their Shopee stores to help kickstart and generate sales.
  2. RM500 in advertising credits which sellers can use to increase their store visibility and products on Shopee.
  3. Free participation in Shopee’s RM15 Free Shipping Package where minimum spend for buyers to enjoy free shipping is reduced to RM15 as opposed to the platform’s usual RM40, thus making MSMEs stores more attractive in the eye of consumers.
  4. Free participation in Shopee’s Coins Cashback Programme where buyers will benefit from 10% no minimum spend, no limit cashback in the form of Shopee Coins vouchers when they spend at these new MSMEs stores. The Shopee Coins earned can be used to offset their next purchases. This will help to drive recurring purchases and generate more consumption for the local economy.

The incentives offered to the MSMEs will be on top of all Shopee’s existing seller benefits such as 0% commission for marketplace sellers, 0% listing fee, no registration fee and free e-commerce training via Shopee University.

To be eligible for this campaign, sellers must be a Malaysian MSME or individual, need to be registered as a Shopee seller from 1 January 2020 onwards and have less than 10 completed orders before 1 July 2020.

Ian Ho, Regional Managing Director of Shopee also shed light on the industry, “SMEs contributed 38.3 per cent to the Malaysian GDP in 2018. This exemplifies just how critical it is to have this sector be invigorated following the adverse effects of Covid-19. The current environment is driving a step change in the growth of the digital economy as businesses find alternative sales channels to stay afloat. As such, the PENJANA plan was meticulously developed to help local businesses in their digitalisation journey as the economy pivots into recovery mode. As the largest e-commerce player in the country, Shopee strives to do our part and deliver on our commitment to the Ministry of Finance and MDEC.”“Therefore, if you study how Shopee’s benefits were crafted, you will realise that it focuses on helping MSMEs kick start their online selling journey, drive orders, provide exposure and more importantly, generate consumption for the local economy. With this, we hope that MSMEs in the country will be encouraged and that the economic outlook will be more optimistic,” concluded Ho.