SQwift Transforms The Way A-List Celebrities Interact With Their Fans


Meet Sqwift – the revolutionary celebrity video messaging and shoutout platform that promises to transform the relationship of the biggest stars in the business with their followers, through a simple app. Sqwift is a vision-driven product that allows celebrities to connect with their fans on a direct and personal level and is the first of its kind to exclusively onboard interdisciplinary A-List stars – making it a premier destination for celebrities and users alike. Launched in July this year, the Singapore-based company also has bigger goals of establishing a cross-border community of the most influential talent in the region, to foster collaboration and raise awareness for causes through exclusive events and charities.
In today’s ever-expanding digital landscape, the founding team behind Sqwift believes that there is a lot of room for product growth. The app’s main selling point is the ease by which users can connect with their favourite stars to order personalized messages – be it well-wishes, holiday/festival greetings, or even a motivational message, tips or advice. By providing a streamlined process while removing the ‘golden ticket’ infrastructure, Sqwift allows users and celebrities to connect directly and discreetly. And with top-tier celebrities onboarding from all across the region, it also creates opportunities for cross-marketing and product launches for niche brands, SMEs and start-ups that can’t afford hefty endorsement fees.
From a user perspective, the platform empowers fans to create a healthy communication ecosystem and improves the way celebrities connect with the people who look up to them. From a business perspective, however, not only does Sqwift create additional revenue streams for celebrities by allowing them to monetize their fanbase and the time spent in recording these messages, but also make a deeper connection with their fans which can go a long way in today’s ephemeral world of short-video apps all vying for consumer attention. The platform works on a revenue-sharing model with the celebrity on a per-message basis with the bulk of it going to the celebrity. While the money kickback is nice, what’s better is the impact it has on the final recipient of that message, be it just joy for receiving a birthday wish from their favorite celebrity, or invaluable words of advice, a shared experience or a secret tip they can only get via this platform.
Co-founder of Sqwift, Ranjeet Rustogi, explained, “A key feature of celebrity culture is that celebrities, willingly or not, put their lives on display for the public to view, creating a purely parasocial relationship with fans – a one sided connection with little personalized interaction. In this borderless new world, we should be celebrating these relationships by focusing on creating real connections and solving the needs of the modern fan.” Ranjeet is a product engineer by profession – but has made a name for himself as a prolific tech inventor, gaining recognition in conceiving and designing breakthrough, disruptive technologies, products and services in a wide range of fields. “In less than 2 months since the soft-launch, we have Stars not just from Malaysia, but Indonesia, Australia as well as India. Sqwift’s roster of Stars is truly a kaleidoscope of disciplines, ranging from actors, TV hosts, athletes, comedians, magicians, DJs, and movie makers, to name a few”, he continued.
At the time of writing, Sqwift already boasts A-list Stars from 4 countries.  For more information, and to subscribe to Sqwift, log on to https://sqwift.com/.