TFP Group Brings Fintech Solutions to Malaysia’s Underserved Communities

TFP Group of Companies to Bring Fintech Solutions to the B40 and Underserved Communities via OneCALL Mobile solution.

TFP Solutions Bhd (“TFP”), an ACE Market-listed financial technology (“Fintech”) provider, via its subsidiary – MBP Solutions Sdn Bhd offers a OneCALL Mobile Fintech solution in Malaysia that focuses on the bottom 40% household income group (“B40”) and the underserved community.

Unlike most mobile operators, OneCALL mobile FinTech helps to empower its users with an everyday FinTech lifestyle & the ability to generate passive income from its value-added products.

YM Puteri Munawarah Syammiyah binti Munir, the Group Executive Director of TFP, said, “The OneCALL mobile FinTech solution is curated to help the B40 community and the underserved segment to have easy access to some of the financial services.

The FinTech solutions offered will include a built-in and approved co-branded e-Wallet powered by MobilityOne eM-ONEi, which helps users to make prepaid top-up purchases conveniently, data plan top-up and other payment services. Furthermore, the e-Wallet can be used as a salary account and receive passive income from promoting our value-added products. There is also the remittance feature that allows foreign workers to easily send money back to their families in their home countries.

According to her, the B40 community and the underserved community are the amongst the worst-hit population from the recent lockdown imposed to contain the spread of COVID-19 infections. Our OneCALL Mobile Fintech will undoubtedly give them some hope.

TFP also aims to empower users to move towards digital entrepreneurship by leveraging on the “Usahawan Digital Training Program” in order to generate an alternative income source, where users can benefit from promoting our value-added products to fellow users and merchants.

“The key difference is that we empower our users to move towards digitalisation for alternative sources of income. We offer a range of FinTech solutions to our subscribers and merchants, including OneMALL, which is an online marketplace, order and delivery platform, SmartHR & Payroll, which is a centralised employee app, Remittance services and cashless terminals such as N6,” she said.

The ability to consolidate their bill payments with the OneCALL Settle All app, which has a built-in e-Wallet to make bill payments without going out, is an important consideration to curtail the rise in COVID-19 cases. Moreover, users could also donate to Yayasan Dakwah Islamiah Malaysia (“YADIM”) via our OneCALL Settle All app.

The remittance feature allows foreign workers who subscribe to the Company’s OneCALL Mobile FinTech solution to use the remittances services via the OneTransfer Remittance (OTR). This is important as most foreign workers have difficulty sending money back to their families back home amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

All of these services and connectivity to the internet will be available for users at an affordable price, with the monthly plan starting from as low as RM10 per month.

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