TPM incubatee develops mobile power station


Solar NRJ, an incubatee company of Technology Park Malaysia Corporation Sdn Bhd (TPM) has taken a step further by developing the Self-Recharging Energy System (SES) BETA, a mobile power station for off-grid remote locations. It is a prefabricated and modularised solution that is fully factory tested, easy-to-ship and quick-to-install.

SES BETA is the perfect solution for hard to reach locations as it needs no refuelling, has very low maintenance requirement and absolute zero carbon footprint that elevates to a competitive solution for remote power for any off-grid power requirements.

About the SES

SES BETA is a hybridised renewable energy solution with key components that is made out of solar PV, battery, solar charge controllers, electrolyzer, fuel cell and hydrogen storage unit.

According to Solar NRJ Founder, Joseph Koh, the combination of technologies is unique and first kind in Asia to be successfully implemented on a base transceiver tower (BTS) site.

“All the key factors have been taken into consideration to create an effective and robust solution, requires very little maintenance, no need of additional fuel, reduces theft, and to have absolute zero carbon emission on site”.

Joseph said the SES BETA is system that addresses all those issues associated with remote power and packed into a one-time installation that will last for up to twenty years.

“The self-recharging factor saves on fuel costs on purchasing fuel and more importantly for remote locations transporting that fuel to site. As a combination of renewable technologies, the system is customisable and can be balanced to meet the customers’ needs”.

“The technologies are either difficult and/or time consuming to steal, especially compared to batteries and fuel tanks, or have no resell value, providing more reasons to deter theft”, he added.

Located in TPM, Solar NRJ Sdn Bhd is a system integrator and service provider for renewable technologies with a complete range of services from initial project design, through to installation, permits, monitoring and servicing. It has more than a decade of experience working with renewable technology power systems.

Backed by a dedicated team of engineers and professionals, the company creates and offer its customers the most effective solutions for their power needs.