UK seeks greater investment opportunities in Malaysia

UK MEga Trade

Following its successful runs in Japan and South Korea, the UK Mega Tech Mission 2017 is heading over to Malaysia next with the goal of creating more collaborative deals. A platform that the UK Department for International Trade (DIT) developed, this delegation features 50 leading-edge technology companies that are specifically flying in to explore and sign new technology deals with local players.

During this trip, the trade mission will be visiting Kuala Lumpur on 9 and 10 October 2017 and the state of Johor on 11 October 2017. Malaysian technology companies are welcomed to take part in this bespoke business matching session as it provides a unique platform for all participants to engage each other and, likely, sign-up new partnerships.

To-date, DIT Kuala Lumpur has worked closely with a range of strategic partners, including Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), Johor State Investment Centre (JSIC), and GBS ISKANDAR amongst others, to drive this high profile trade mission as it shapes up over 800 bespoke business meetings within KL and Johor.

“Recognising the increasingly important role digital technology will play in the economy, the Malaysian government has placed strong emphasis on accelerating the nation’s digital transformation. In fact, it is now increasingly critical to collaborate with other pioneers in this sector to further push the boundaries of innovation. Of course, it is with these strategic collaborations with key trading partners like the UK that the Malaysia’s digital economy can be truly empowered,” said Datuk Yasmin Mahmood, CEO, MDEC.

Included within the delegates are companies that hail from a wide range of technology and innovation focuses such as Big Data, virtual and augmented realities (VR and VR), cyber-security, eCommerce, fintech, Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, smart cities, and telecommunications.

“I am delighted to lead the largest ever technology delegation from the UK to visit Malaysia. This is truly timely as Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has declared 2017 the ‘Year of the Internet Economy’ for Malaysia. Thus, we have seen real progress in the technology sector between Malaysia and the UK since June 2016, when DIT signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with MDEC to build collaborative partnerships within the digital economy. Since then, I am pleased to see that UK foreign direct investment into Malaysia, specifically within the technology sector, increased by 54% to RM270 million in 2016,” said Liam Maxwell, National Technology Advisor for the UK Government.

Malaysian companies that are participating will also be able to better understand the UK tech landscape and consider multiple prospects that are open for discussion with these foreign businesses.

“These trading ties in the digital economy space will be the catalyst needed to take the strong historical cultural and economic ties that Malaysia and the UK have enjoyed and bring it onto the next level,” added Datuk Yasmin Mahmood.

More information and the proper meeting slots with participating UK companies for KL and Johor can be booked at the official UK Mega Tech Mission website: