Verde Stirs Investor Interest to Close 58% Higher

Verde Resources share price

Despite the Dow Jones Industrial Average falling close to 500 points yesterday (28 June 2022) to settle at 30,047, Verde Resources Inc. (OTCQB: VRDR) bucked the trend and rose some 58% during the day to close at USD0.19.

Verde, an associated company of Bursa Malaysia-listed Borneo Oil Berhad, is championing regenerative agriculture and carbon capture solutions.

And with ESG (environmental, social and governance) criteria gaining prominence from companies, investors and communities; Verde aims to make an impact on industries by addressing several factors affecting the soil and environment.

The company was first incorporated in 2010 and has since restructured its operation to focus on AgTech, or sustainable agricultural technology.

This is an emerging economic sector that has the potential to completely reshape global agriculture, dramatically increasing the productivity of the agriculture system, reducing the environmental and social costs of current ag production practices – all while sequestering more carbon into the soil as the world races towards Net Zero by 2050.

The Missouri-based company also owns ‘BioFraction’, its proprietary technology which utilizes a proprietary catalyst to bio-fractionalize and pyrolyze organic biomass into renewables such as Biochar, Wood Vinegar (Plant Natural Enzyme), Bio-Syngas, and Bio-oil.

Earlier this year, the company had signed a lease-to-purchase agreement for a 24-acre property in La Belle, Missouri to establish a Biofraction flagship facility that is innovating products and programs meant for carbon farming, to rebuild organic soil matter on agricultural farmlands.

In a statement, the company said: “Regenerative agriculture can be defined as an approach of holistic farming practices towards topsoil management that enhances ecosystem biodiversity which focuses on improving the water, air, and soil quality, while decreasing the impact of climate change. Biochar is a key part of regenerative agriculture assisting in nourishing ecosystems, able to mitigate the effects of climate change by simultaneously capturing carbon and methane.”

Last month (May 2022), Verde announced that it has engaged Gary Zimmer, also known as the ‘father of biological agriculture’, as its corporate consultant to develop and formulate a breakthrough designer compost and Verde’s integrated regenerative farming programs.

“Using compost as the base, and then adding the right amount of biochar and minerals, we can create regenerative compost that tailors to specific farming needs, which can absolutely replace synthetic fertilizers. This is the future, and I’m pleased to be a part of the Verde project as we race towards Net Zero by 2050,” Zimmer reportedly said.

Verde’s vision for the world is: “Going Green and Beyond”.