Westports expands capacity with second gate


The Westports and Customs Department recently announced the completion of second gate consisting of 14 lanes in Westports. The facilities were intended to ease congestion and will be beneficial to shippers, especially manufacturers practicing just-in-time inventory systems.

More lanes will allow Westports to have ample capacity to cope with the growth of local import and export volume from shippers. Besides reduction in manufacturing inventory costs, a more efficient port system reduces the export and import costs by eliminating exorbitant demurrage and detention charges imposed by shipping lines on hauliers which is then passed on to shippers.

As mentioned by the Association of Malaysian Hauliers recently, an improved port system will increase the number of trips by hauliers and reduce unproductive time spent by lorry drivers waiting at the gate or outside the depot.

The move has been lauded by the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers, which also looks forward to continued collaborative efforts by all stakeholders to ensure Port Klang remains an important gateway for Malaysian exports as well as a growing centre for regional transhipment.

Westports’ container volume has grown exponentially over the years and it controls 76% of the market share in container volume throughput as at end of 2016. It managed a 9.9 million twenty-foot equivalent units container throughput and 11.8 million metric tonnes of bulk cargo in 2016.