WKL introduces e-Cond eco-friendly air conditioner

e-Cond Launch

WKL Eco Earth has recently launched e-Cond, the first eco-friendly air-conditioning system with a heat emission control system that regulates temperature and volume of heat transferred from the air-conditioning system to the environment.

The launch was in tandem with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with several Selangor-based property developers for the collaboration of incorporating e-Cond units into property projects.

“It is gratifying to finally introduce e-Cond to the public. We have spent the past eight years in the innovation, through research and development as well as hundreds of prototypes, of a green technology that embraces the well-being of mankind through green living and preserving our Earth,” said Chief Executive Officer and Founder of WKL, Dr. Low Wai Koon.

The e-Cond employs an innovative hydro-refrigeration system, integrating the evaporative cooling process with refrigeration cycle to achieve optimal cooling performance at approximately ±23oC. The invention achieves environmental sustainability through first, the reduction of temperature of output air to ±70~80%; second, the reduction of air flow of output air by ±80%; and lastly, the reduction of energy consumption, thereby curbing global warming and climate change issues created by the conventional air-conditioning system.

On another note, the signing of MoU between WKL and Nova Heritage Development and Hawson & Hanson, Selangor-based property developers establishes the collaboration to include e-Cond units into each housing unit of the property development projects to be undertaken by Nova and Hawson in Sungai Besar, Selangor.